Our Management Team verifies daily the quantity of product available in our storage tanks.

Our product order management system ensures at all times that our inventory can meet our customers’ needs even in peek periods.

We only do business with the largest producers in order to guarantee the quality of the product and ensure delivery according to our supply needs.  All of our suppliers are required to meet our product quality expectations and we make sure that all standards are respected.

Every day, we monitor our customers’ orders and we coordinate the transfer with our team that off loads the tanker-cars.  This procedure enables us to ensure that our customers always receive the ordered product.


Our customers largely appreciate our smart card system, which gives them access, at any time, on the site and also, makes it possible to load the product and print a bill of loading. Moreover, the system makes it possible to identify the carrier, the end Buyer and the driver.

Our pump system measures simultaneously  the quantity of product in Canadians liters and US gallons. All this information is clearly PRINTED on the bill of loading. This makes it possible to meet all the needs for our customers.