About us


By the end of winter 2002, the company was finishing construction of its facilities and was already answering to a new clientele in Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

PROTRANSFERT was founded in 2002 to answer the increasingly stronger product demand in Eastern Canada and also to offer the same advantages to the distributors in Eastern United-States. Relying on their abundant experience in retail sales of propane, management quickly developed a concept in order to meet the industry’s needs.

Solid experience marked by the management of supplying and knowing the inner-workings of the propane industry for Eastern Canada, the company was able to easily satisfy the clientele’s needs in Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario from the very beginning.

Our team gives great importance to managing its inventory and taking care of meeting the needs of the industry, even in the market’s strongest periods of the year. Every effort is made to ensure the quality and availability of the product at the right moment.

Our Strength

Not only do we embrace it from the very first moment we take it, but we also look after every detail of it with an entrepreneurial vision.

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